Why Customer Relationship Management & Rewards/Loyalty?

Metrics & Images Courtesy of Bond Brand Loyalty

Metrics & Images Courtesy of Bond Brand Loyalty

CRM & Rewards: Increase Sales

Marketing programs are intended to increase sales although few platforms give the owner control over the results that they are seeking. When you and your staff are motivated and engaged in promoting your rewards program, you will collect valuable information about your client enabling you to create more touch points with them for consistent, sustainable growth. The following patterns will begin to emerge as you target your marketing to fit your clients:

  • ​Increased visits or orders per customer per year

  • Increased average spending per order or visit

  • Increased customer retention or less defections each year

  • Customers purchase in more categories

  • Customers buy higher priced items

  • Reactivation of previous customers

  • Increased referral of new customers by existing customers

Any or all of these actions will bring about an increase in sales for your business.

Metrics & Images Courtesy of Bond Brand Loyalty

Metrics & Images Courtesy of Bond Brand Loyalty

CRM & Rewards: Affordable Platform

Customer rewards programs are considered to be the 5th "P" in the marketing mix for a business. Creating your own can be daunting as you navigate through the steps offer valuations, design, implementation, training, locating technology

  • ​Offer valuations (how much will you give for a point)

  • Design of the program, logos, print materials, etc.

  • Researching technology to streamline information collection

  • Implementation & onboarding 

  • Staff training and engagement

  • Launching to customer base through radio and/or print advertising

  • Administration & booking of liability

This process can take months. Yikes! Let's help you et up and running in 2-3 weeks and start growing your business much sooner.  

Still Skeptical?

In case you are still not sure, here are some independent articles and research from marketing giants who specialize in customer loyalty rewards and customer relationship marketing. It's time to take control of your future and build consistent, sustainable business growth.

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