• Maria Caines

Tourism Marketing Thru Coalition Rewards

The OneNovaScotia report recommended tourism growth as a key factor to changing the economic landscape in our province. A target of $4 billion was recommended and, at $2.4 billion in 2018, Nova Scotia certainly has ample room to expand its offerings to tourists.

The challenge for the operators: How can my venue stand out above the others as the sector competes for those dollars?

Accommodations, eateries, experiences, and attractions alike need to make full use of their marketing dollars to reach as many potential tourists with their uniquely attractive venue. Every guest becomes a potential repeat visitor as you WOW them with your products and services. Customer relationship management (CRM) enables you to stay connected with your guests through newsletters and special offers. Adding a customer loyalty component increases the rate at which your guests will choose to opt-in to your direct marketing.

You may ask yourself, why would I give a customer loyalty card to a guest who may never return? Simply because you have ensured that you can bring value to your guest even after they return home. Becoming a merchant in a global coalition loyalty program means that you can reach tens of millions of people, some of whom will be tourists to our region. Guests who don't have a card already will be thrilled to continue collecting rewards when they travel elsewhere or return home. You will be able to entice them back to the area and help them decide to return to your venue!

The challenge for the industry: How can our beautiful little corner of the world become better known to the world traveller?

Travel publications, trade shows and social media are the traditional marketing mediums for government and industry organizations. Education about other avenues, such as loyalty programs, that operators can utilize independently would enable them to maintain their own messaging while reaching beyond their current customer base. When exisiting cardholders of a global loyalty program find many merchants in the same region, they are motivated to choose that area. Coalition loyalty can create an opportunity for operators to keep visitors in our region longer by rewarding them through multiple venues offering the same rewards. Ask your industry leader to offer a seminar about customer loyalty and how it can help promote our fair province while assisting you and your fellow operators to grow your revenue.

Let's start today and work together as an industry to create a destination of wonderful tourism venues rewarding globetrotting customers for choosing a unique Nova Scotia vacation, then let's maintain touchpoints with all our visitors so that we can invite them back to visit time and time again!

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