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Partnering with solid, reliable, and trustworthy resources, Bay Street to Main Street Consulting connects you with solutions so you can focus on growing and innovating your business.



Consulting with you to learn what problem you're trying to solve right now, where you are in your business, and determining where you want to be.


We'll review your current strategies and goals for a clear understanding of what your expectations are for your business.



Working with you and your team to create a path to your goals and expectations, we will review the products and services that you are currently using and recommend products and services to enhance your operations with a focus on marketing and brand awareness.


We'll create a plan that your team can execute on the path to your success.



Our team will assist with implementing the tools and skills to take control of your path to success. Our goals are to help you:

  • increase your profit

  • increase your competitive edge

  • increase your brand awareness

  • increase referrals to your business

  • increase your exports, where applicable

  • increase direct communication with patrons

  • get to know your customer demographics

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