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8 Key Features for a Great Loyalty Program

Explore the 8 Key Features for a Great Loyalty Program

October 15, 2020


Adjusting the Sails

Business owners have had to tack hard and adjust their sails as they manage through sharp drops in revenue, often resulting from government-mandated closures. Hard decisions around employee layoffs, expense reductions, complete service delivery overhauls, requesting or extending credit, subsidies, and much more.

April 14, 2020


How to Reduce Online Delivery System fees by up to 90%!

Tired of paying up to 30% on every order through an online delivery system? Want to reclaim up to 90% of those fees for your own bottom line?

Jan 7, 2021


Interview with Marc Zirka of Strategy Up

Great conversation about digital marketing strategy and loyalty marketing. Thank you, Marc for being so generous and kind.

Jan 27, 2021


Is Risk Aversion Hindering Your Business Growth?

When owners tend to be extremely conservative in business, they can be so slow to adopt new business ideas that risk-aversion is approaching a level than is hindering, or at least slowing, business growth.

May 12, 2020


Revitalizing Tourism in Nova Scotia

Now is the time for tourism operators to explore new strategies, and create a system that will enable them to continue to engage and retain customers. This approach holds the highest potential for growth in the immediate future. While this may be a new concept for tourism businesses, it has been proven repeatedly in the past by loyalty programs such as Aeroplan, Marriott, Avion, Starboard, IHG and many more. A customer loyalty/rewards program is the most efficient option for increasing email opt-ins that will collect enough guest information to continue corresponding with them.

June 28, 2020